Wyndham Hotel SEO Comment Spam

Comment spam is a huge problem for all webmasters. I couldn’t even begin to calculate how many hours I’ve spent over the years fighting the problem.

When large companies engage in comment spam, I think people should speak up.

Here’s some WordPress comment spam with a link to Wyndham Cusco’s website.

Comment spam
Comment spam with a link to Wyndham

Wyndham Hotel
The Wyndham Cusco hotel is the ideal hotel for travelers seeking easy access to the Imperial City and Peru’s fabled attractions. With full-service comfort and a score of thoughtful amenities, culture lovers, history seekers and explorers alike will appreciate this Cusco hotel’s easy access to iconic lures like Machu Picchu, Pisaq, and the Urubamba Sacred Valley.
Go to:>> http://wyndhamcusco.com/

Often what happens in these situations is that a company hires an SEO company that then outsources the work again to cheaper offshore workers. Those cheaper, offshore workers often do very low quality work.

Someone definitely put effort into posting that text around the Web. Here’s a screenshot of a list of websites that have that exact same comment spam text on them:

Wyndham comment text in Google Search results
Google Search results for the Wyndham Hotel comment text

Here’s one page that was spammed with the same comment where the spammer didn’t even bother to strip out the formatting from Microsoft Office (“mso”).

Comment spam
Comment Spam

Tip: don’t hire “link builders” who spam blogs and forums.

UPDATE: another look at the comment queue and there were three versions of the same comment spam posted.

Multiple versions of the comment spam
Multiple versions of the comment spam

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