Twitter’s Design Mistakes with the New Twitter Profiles

Twitter recently changed the design of Twitter profiles, and it doesn’t look good. Here are the two major problems:

  • Centered multi-line text looks like bad poetry and is difficult to read.
  • Text that is placed on top of a busy background is difficult to read.
Twitter profile design problems
The new Twitter profiles don’t look good

Centered Text

Centered text is a bad idea. Off the top of my head, the only place
where it’s appropriate is in a heading.
I’ve written this
section in centered text just to show what a bad idea
it is. Centered text is most often found in bad poetry.
It doesn’t work well for multi-line

It’s horrible for multiple paragraphs too, as you
can see.

Text on Top of Images

A really bad trend in user interface design is putting white text on top of images. Flipboard and Google+’s mobile app are major offenders.

Text that is placed on top of busy images is difficult to read, and it just looks bad. Only a design professional should try this technique and only under controlled conditions. Letting users upload random pictures and then place their own text over the images leads to visual disasters most of the time.

Here is an example of how the busy image weakens the message of the text:

White text on an image - Twitter
Watering down the message by adding a busy background

What do you think?

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