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Emacs for Vim Users with Evil, Part 1

Near the beginning of my Internet career, I experimented with Emacs. I soon switched to Vim and stayed with it. I recently started getting curious about Emacs again while going through some Lisp tutorials. I can’t leave Vim behind completely, so I’m trying “Evil“.

The installation instructions are not very clear, and it was a bit frustrating to get the package manager working so that it could find Evil. Here’s what did work: Continue reading Emacs for Vim Users with Evil, Part 1

Good Sublime Text Themes and How to Install Them

I’ve been experimenting with Sublime Text lately. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to give up Vim, but there are some aspects of Sublime Text that I really like. Opening new files is very fast — just hit ctrl-p and type some letters from the file. The file will be open before you know what happened, even if it’s in a subdirectory.

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I’ve been looking for some good themes for Sublime Text. I haven’t found the perfect one yet, but here are some that are usable for the moment. Continue reading Good Sublime Text Themes and How to Install Them