Still Generating My List of Mnemonic Images

[NOTE: This post was originally published on the old blog on March 18, 2010.]

I’m slowly making progress on building mnemonic images for numbers 000 to 999 and new images for 00 to 99.

I’m attempting to use Ben Pridmore’s system, with modifications to the vowels for 000 to 999.

I’m trying to distinguish numbers 00 to 99 by using the regular Major System, but having their words begin with vowels, w, or y to distinguish them from the three digit images. Here are some two-digit numbers as examples:

  • 05: easel
  • 11: At-At
  • 15: ATL-atl
  • 27: ankh
  • 58: wolf

Here are some three digit numbers for comparison — all of them began with consonants:

  • 008: sofa
  • 009: soap
  • 035: salamander
  • 101: totem pole
  • 132: tangerine
  • 170: tesseract
  • 751: kite
  • 940: bassoon [Update: since this blog post was published, I rearranged the images. Bassoon is now 640.]

I’m happy with the way things are progressing, but it’s going to take a lot of time to finish all 1100 images — and then come up with the remainder of the 2704 images needed for the card memorization technique. I hope I’m on the right track 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Still Generating My List of Mnemonic Images”

  1. Hi Josh, just found your blog while looking around the internet for memory-related sites. Sounds like you’re having fun with the system! The change to the vowels is interesting – I can understand the logic behind it, but that would never have occurred to me. It’s always cool to see how other people’s minds work!


  2. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for stopping by… After seeing this video I had to give your method a try. 🙂

    I tried the variation with the vowels because I kept on reading zero as “o” instead of “u” (or “oo”), and decided to experiment. I still have a long way to go — filling out the ~2814 images is taking a long time.


  3. Andreas,

    That looks very interesting. I’d be interested in seeing your program. I’d be willing to share my images if you are interested, though you would have to rearrange them since I put them in a different order.

    By the way, I moved my memory blog over here:

    I also started a memory techniques forum:

    People there would probably be interested in what you are working on too…


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