How to Export Email Attachments from Highrise

I’ve been using Highrise from 37 Signals for a few years and it has served its purpose well. We no longer focus on a client business anymore, so I wanted to export my years of saved email data before I closed my Highrise account.Their support center has information on how to export contacts as well as notes, deals, and cases. After I completed those tasks, I noticed that my email attachments were not in the downloaded files and there was no information online about how to get my attachments out of the system.

I started to get worried that the lack of a full export feature was intended to prevent users from downloading some of their data, so I ended up sending a support ticket asking how to get the task done. I got a reply within 24 hours that included a link to an export file:

Hey Josh,

Thanks for using Highrise!

I’ve run an export for you of all of the files in your Highrise account – if you head here: https://***************-37signals-support you can download it at your leisure. Be sure to delete it once you have downloaded it, to free up space in your account.

If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help. And have an awesome Thursday!

[Employee name]
37signals Customer Support

Export Highrise Email Attachments
The exported attachments

So it is possible to export the email attachments, but it requires assistance from one of their employees.

The only problem with the exported files is that they are exported in folders without names like this:

Exported files
Exported files in Linux Mint

In order to match an attachment with an email, you’ll have to find the email ID in the exported email, and then search the attachments folder for the email ID. It isn’t a major problem, but it would be nice to have the attachments organized in a better way.

I hope that this blog post can help other users find out the answer before they get nervous that it isn’t possible to get all of their data out of the system.

Overall, I’m happy with Highrise and would use it again. We just don’t need it at the moment for the new direction of our business.

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