Google Talk Is Broken – Can’t Go Invisible

The official Google Talk plug-in  no longer allows people to become invisible, so I started using Pidgin. Now it seems that Pidgin no longer allows people to remain invisible either. I’ve set my status to “invisible” on Google Plus and on Pidgin, but it still says that I am visible:

Google Talk is broken
Google Talk is broken

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? If Google is phasing out invisibility on Google Talk, I’m going to stop logging in at all and just use my own jabber server. Not having invisibility mode might sound like a good idea to people who just have a few connections, but now Google is connecting people with thousands of strangers (through Google+), and things are getting out of control. I can’t handle the information overload.

If someone knows how to fix this problem, please leave a comment below.

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One thought on “Google Talk Is Broken – Can’t Go Invisible”

  1. Just stumbled onto your post, and sadly I think the status quo is continuing on. I even tried the plugin (last worked on in 2009 — today being 2013.11.11) and that didn’t help. I didn’t put much stock in it with it being so old — but it deserves noting. Still cannot find a way to be invisible.

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