Free WiFi by Microsoft Not Working in San Francisco?

I keep seeing a wireless network connection in San Francisco called “Free WiFi by Microsoft”. I’ve tried to connect to the network with my laptop and phone, but it never has worked for me on either device. I can connect, but nothing loads, even when going to the browser.

Free WiFi by Microsoft

In the above screenshot, the question mark notification tells me to logon to networks, but it doesn’t work in this case.

If it were just one device, I would assume that something was wrong with the connection settings, but it’s two different devices. If it were just on one day, I’d assume that it was a temporary glitch, but I’ve tried on several different days without success.

There is an article about Microsoft’s free WiFi on Gizmodo.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a trick to connecting to that network?

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5 thoughts on “Free WiFi by Microsoft Not Working in San Francisco?”

  1. I’m glad someone finally mentioned this. I live in the Union Square area and see the signal since October-ish. I actually have managed to connected a few times (@ 3-5 Mbps). You can stay on past 20 minutes or so, then it will boot you out only to try again. It’s a gamble again whether it will connect again or not. Perhaps, it’s been overloaded — but, I’ve also tried very early morning (4-5 am) and it still is flakey and not at all reliable.

  2. I’m surprised that the company hasn’t fixed it yet. If they’re going to put their brand name on something, they should make sure that it works — otherwise take it off-line and stop wasting people’s time.

    According to Gizmodo, the WiFi service is provided via Boingo.

  3. LOL — I just tried it and now it works. It is sponsored by Cloudnine. I bookmarked the ‘past’ Windows Flash page at — before this, it takes you to an obnoxious Flash-ish presentation of Windows8. Bookmarking that URL let’s you bypass that somewhat, but you still have to go through some steps. Also, seems to work best with IE (9 in my case). I have yet to ever connect to it EVER with the variety of Android devices I have.

  4. Why would Microsoft put an advertisement for Windows 8 on a network that people can only connect to with Windows 8? There is so much free Wi-Fi in San Francisco, it’s a really stupid idea to provide an alternative that doesn’t work for most people. All it does is let everyone know that they can get online everywhere except with Microsoft.

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