Fix WiFi Connection in Ubuntu after Suspending

I’ve been having a problem with my WiFi not working on my laptop after it wakes up from sleep. Here’s how I fixed it:

To view the state of the WiFi connection, type nmcli nm in a terminal:

$ nmcli nm
running asleep enabled enabled enabled enabled

Notice that the STATE is asleep. To fix that, set sleep to false:

sudo nmcli nm sleep false

Since it happens occasionally, I made an alias in my .bashrc file that looks like this:

alias fixwifi='sudo nmcli nm sleep false'

You can then use the fixwifi command to wake up the WiFi if it shuts off on you later. I still don’t know why it happens, but this is what works for me on Ubuntu 14.04.

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2 thoughts on “Fix WiFi Connection in Ubuntu after Suspending”

  1. I have the exact same problem, but I am still unable to reconnect to my secure network even after manually reawakening from sleep mode. I think it can’r access the keyring/password for the network and so it eventually gives up. After a system restart everything works just fine. Any thoughts on how to fix???

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