UK Memory Championships in London 2010

[NOTE: This post was originally published on the old blog on August 28, 2010.]

I’m in London and got a chance to see the 2010 UK Open International Memory Championships. It was a great event.

Ben Pridmore won the event for the 4th time in a row. Final scores for the competitors can be viewed here [PDF].

I met Dominic O’Brien and Ben Pridmore–the two people who got me seriously into memory training–as well as other great mnemonists who I’ve read about or “met” online.

The event inspired me to speed up building my images. I’m hoping to have the entire thing done within a month. I’m computerizing it so if I lose my papers I won’t lose everything before I finish memorizing it.

mnemonic system

I also got three more books on memory while in London, including a copy of the excellent Mind Sport of Memory 2008 Yearbook.

I would like to go see the World Memory Championships in Guangzhou in December, but flights are expensive. If the price goes down I might go…

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